August 15, 2021

Back in the pool, sort of

 Since leaving the American Sleep Apnea Association #ASAA, I have kept up my interest in the work of diagnosing and treating sleep-disordered breathing #OSA with a friend and colleague on the other side of the pond @Adrian Zacher. 

His goal was to educate the public in the UK about sleep disorders, specifically #OSA, alerting them to the various treatment options available.

At one point and now I do not remember exactly when Adrian identified a group of health care professionals who have frequent contact with the public who could help with their education about sleep disorders - Community Pharmacists.

After some diligent work on Adrian's part, the British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services was established. I have the honor of serving on their Board of Directors. For more information on the Society visit the website. 

Here is an infographic that explains why pharmacists should know more about sleep disorders.

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