May 25, 2013

The CPAP Assistance Program of the American Sleep Apnea Association

The Donation Center
About 18 months ago the association formalized a relationship with a Durable Medical Equipment company located in Southeast Minnesota - Prairie Home Medical - to administer a donated CPAP program. Even though we have not done any real advertising of the program it has become quite popular. The need for donated machines is great, as is the desire not to throw perfectly usable equipment in the landfill.

The association operates on a very small budget, always has, and the addition of this vital program is stretching us to our limits.  We have reached out for grants and are grateful for the help from the American Sleep Medicine Foundation and the ResMed Foundation. We also appreciate the gift in memory of George Laribee.

We are trying something different to raise money to support the expense of the program using the crowd source web site - Indiegogo.

Your support of the program means a lot to those who are in need of a good night's sleep because they have untreated sleep apnea.

Stay tuned for more blog updates.

Ed the ED


Stop Snoring Today said...

Thank you so much for doing this!

Anonymous said...

If you having sleep apnea problem you need breathing machine that helps to breath properly