October 14, 2011

To sleep perchance to dream - arrival

After a long day of travel we arrived in Curacao after sunset, so seeing the sites will have to wait until later. We checked in to hotel and then set off in search of dinner with our hosts from the Sleep Apnea Association of Curacao.

It was great to put a face and a voice with the names of people I have communicated with frequently the past few months. Our kindred spirits, doing the work of raising awareness about sleep apnea in a community that has challenges to understand the scope of the problem.

That is where I come in. One of my assignments is to help the healthcare community including health insurers to better understand why it is important to diagnose and successfully treat OSA.

Dinner was outdoors at a lovely seaside restaurant.The conversation ranged from strategies for organizing the meetings on Friday, to helping us better understand the system of healthcare on the island, to hearing stories about the work their association was doing.

Our friends are placing great store in my ability to move the needle on diagnosis and treatment of OSA here. I will not disappoint them.

Onto the meeting with Dr. Rach, the ENT.

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