May 14, 2009

The Grey Lady speaks on Sleep Apnea, again!

As a native of Washington DC and a frequent reader of the The Washington Post it is easy to have an inferiority complex when I think of the residents of New York City and their local newspaper The New York Times.

Fortunately, the miracle of the Internet makes it possible for me to read the paper as often as I like and so I get the benefit of their excellent reporting.

The NYT has done an a great job reporting on sleep apnea... their overview of the condition is top notch -
Sleep Apnea - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment of Sleep Apnea - NY Times Health Information

Yesterday, as a part of their series called patient voices, they published six accounts of people living with sleep apnea and the solutions they chose to deal with the condition -
Patient Voices - Sleep Apnea - Interactive Feature -

Sleep apnea is a condition that affect millions of people in the United States and around the world. It is, I believe, a major contributor to the public health crisis that exists in this country. The Patient Voices piece helps to translate this disease from an incomprehensible number to six people. People like you and me... friends, neighbors and co-workers.

An important part of the work of awareness is making this condition real. I thank the Grey Lady for helping to raise awareness about sleep apnea by providing these stories in the voices of those living with it.

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