March 04, 2008

Sleep Apnea Video premiere

As a part of National Sleep Awareness Week and in advance of Thursday - March 6 - Sleep Apnea Awareness Day, the American Sleep Apnea Association will have a premiere of it educational video - What Is Sleep Apnea? This video, available on DVD, is the remake of our first educational video of the same title, produced in 1994.

Of the many things I have wanted to accomplish in my capacity as executive director of the association, recreating this video was high on the list.

We were fortunate to find unrestricted educational funding from Cephalon to make this a reality. I personally was fortunate to have a collaborator who was extremely interested in the project, so I did not have to give up running the ASAA during the four months it took to produce the finally product.

Tonight is a celebration of that effort and a chance to say thank you to the many people who were involved in making the film possible.

Two segments from the video are on Youtube as PSA - just search sleep apnea psa.

You can order the DVD from our web site and later this month a Spanish language verison will be available as well.

All the best and sleep well.

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