January 05, 2008

Help the American Sleep Apnea Association

The ASAA is participating in America's Giving Challenge sponsored by Parade and the Case Foundation. Please help us meet the challenge!


Back in a few days with exciting news and updates.



Anonymous said...

Good day,
I have visited your website, trying to find more information about your non-profit status. I see no 501(c)3 statement.

I'm wondering if this organization is basically funded by CPAP machine manufacturers in order to promote their machines. Because I see no information on the neurochemical links to sleep apnea, including dopamine pathways and specifically ADHD.

This is a severe oversight, and I recommend that you correct it. Many people will benefit from CPAP but for many CPAP is not enough--and it short-changes people of good health and good brain function.

Please be honest. If you are just an industry association selling your machines, say so.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get men to use CPAP, show them the studies demonstrating reduction in erectile dysfunction with the device. That will keep them motivated!

More information here:


Anonymous said...

check this: www.apneasymposium.com