October 22, 2007

Email to a young OSA patient

I got the following email today...

I am 31 years old and I have been told that I have sleep apnea, I currently have begun using a CPAP machine and just wanted to know will I have to use that device for the rest of my life and how do I become a memeber of the ASAA.

My thoughtful response at 7 in the morning...

Thank you for writing... the answer to your first question is hard. It depends a lot on why you developed sleep apnea... genetics (runs in the family), excess weight, naturally occurring narrow upper airway. I have heard of people losing a significant weight through improved diet, increased exercise and consistent use of CPAP being able to leave the machine behind... there are others who just feel so much better from getting a good night's sleep that it does not matter to them that CPAP has become a part of their nightly routine.

At this point... I would worry less about that and more about making sure you have the right equipment and are getting the most effective treatment possible. Hopefully it won't make a difference.

News from the ACCP conference later... stay tuned.

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