July 10, 2007

Shame on Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace on her program that aired on July 9, 2007 said the following (emphasis added)-

GRACE: They said that Johnny Grunge -- Mike Durham -- he wrestled under the name Johnny Grunge, very, very well-known -- died of sleep apnea. Please. Stop. That`s basically snoring, and you know, not breathing for a few seconds periodically through the night. You don`t die of sleep apnea. That is complete BS.

It is comments like hers that makes my job so hard. When people fail to acknowledge the seriousness of untreated sleep apnea, there are those in denial that will say... it is no big deal, just deal with it.

Not only is the health of the sufferer compromised with increased risk of cardiovascular disease,hypertension and metabolic syndrome (to mention only a few), but so is the health of bed partner and other members of the family.

If you are as alarmed as I am with Nancy Grace's comment, write to her and let her know she is wrong...



Michelle from Madison said...

Nancy Grace is in absolute panic-mode Thursday August 9th, and has her defense attorneys trying to get one of the many lawsuits filed or yet to be filed against Grace thrown out of court. No official response by the court, but it is expected to respond sometime next week on Grace's teary-eyed cry for leniency. Perhaps Nancy should have thought about these problems before she may have incited a suicide against a non-convicted, non-stable, psychologically-distraught young mother of a missing young child.


Michelle from Madison said...

Nancy Grace pulled off the air, again.
They pulled Nancy Grace off the air again for the taping of her Friday show as they again replaced Nancy with a better host after the story of NIFONG was sentenced to jail today. Which, proved Nancy was wrong on all of her incorrect assertions and allegations made by Nancy on yet another story. Mann, Nancy just cannot seem to stop screwing herself up. Just proves, again, that Nancy just cannot keep her feet out of her own mouth. Sounds like jail might be the best place for Nancy too, for all the crimes of defamation, slander, and her connection to the death of Duckett that Nancy has pending lawsuits against her in both state and federal courts right now. It may just prove to be the right time now to get her off the streets in order to finally take a stance to protect victims from known predators like Predator Nancy Grace.


Anonymous said...

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Nancy Grace for as long as I can remember. If I am ever suspected of committing a felonious offense, I hope Nancy personal gives me the business. I wish I had a show so I could wear lots of mascara and make people that I don’t like feel bad about themselves and commit suicide! Nancy Grace is awesome!