February 11, 2007

Sleep Apnea Awareness Day(s) 2007

There are less than 30 days until March 8, Sleep Apnea Awareness Day during National Sleep Awareness Week. Of course, every day should be sleep apnea awareness day... we take the opportunity during the week before the time change when we "spring forward" an hour to focus attention on sleep apnea.

I am pleased to announce there will be a Sleep Apnea Awareness Day lecture. This year it will be held on March 7. I am especially pleased to announce that Dr. Terri Weaver nationally recognized researcher on sleep disorders will be speaking on snoring and sleep apnea the effect on the family.

Dr. Weaver's lecture will be preceeded by introductory comments from Nancy Rothstein, ASAA Board member and committee chair for the SAAD 2007 event. Mrs. Rothstein is the author of a recently published children's book and accompanying web site My Daddy Snores .

A new feature of this year's lecture will be comments offered from the patient's perspective. In keeping with the National Sleep Foundation's theme of women and sleep, speaking will be a young woman who does not fit the profile of an apnea patient. Not fitting the profile led to misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. Fortunately she found a physician who prescribed a sleep study and with the introduction of CPAP therapy turned her life around.

The lecture will be in Washington, DC and we hope to offer it to a wider audience by means of a webcast. If we are successful there will be a link from the main ASAA web site.

Other scheduled activities for Sleep Apnea Awareness Day 2007 in Washington as well as elsewhere in the United States conducted by members of the A.W.A.K.E. Network of support groups are listed in special notice on the main site.

I hope you can join us, in person or spirit. Please use the occasion of Sleep Apnea Awareness Day to raise awareness about a very serious and very treatable medical condition.

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Let's Talk Sleep! said...

Greetings Ed,

How lucky the audience will be to hear Dr. Weaver. She is a most excellent lecturer.

Observing Sleep Apnea Awareness Day is indeed a worthy event.

Thank you to the ASAA for all the wonderful work you do, and a special thank you to Chairman Dave Hargett for being my special guest this past week on for the podcast "Let's Talk Sleep with Theresa Shumard." He really gave a great interview and let everyone know about the important work of the ASAA. It's always a pleasure to work with you all! Have you heard the podcast? You can access it on iTunes or via www.letstalksleep.blogspot.com

Be well, Sleep well,