September 27, 2006

8th World Congress on Sleep Apnea (prelude)

I don't remember when I first heard there would be an international meeting on sleep apnea in Montreal this year. Doing some research I learned this meeting takes place every three years.

Unlike other medical conferences I have attended since becoming executive director of the ASAA (not that I attended any before), this meeting is devoted exclusively to sleep apnea - diagnosis, treatment, co-morbidity implications of untreated OSA - WOW.

Here is a link to the schedule

I chose not to particpate in this event as an exhibitor like our colleagues at the National Sleep Foundation, but rather to be an attendee. First, the cost exhibit was way more than the association could afford on top of the expenses of getting there. Secondly, participating as an attendee would allow me greater freedom to learn, meet, discuss without being tied down to the booth.

Looking at the program, there are a number of fascinating presentations... unfortunately some occuring at the same time. While I can't be in two places at once; I have the benefit of our board chair Dave Hargett being along so we can divide them up.

My plan is report here on what I learn during the conference... share the odd photo if I can manage and if I am really succesful get some interviews with presenters and have those available for people to hear.

I do have an organizational objective in participating. I would like to see formal participation in future conferences by patient groups like the ASAA from around the world. Not quite sure what that would look like, but I have a couple days to figure that out.

Stay tuned for more.

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