July 23, 2006

Sleep 2006 part four - wrapping up

A couple of other items to mention before closing out the 2006 Sleep meeting...

The poster session - I mentioned in the past the importance of viewing the posters to get a head's up on where research is going. The Sleep meeting had numerous posters of interest. Viewing them gave me an idea... one that I am in the process of working out now (stay tuned).

The A.W.A.K.E. Coordinator's meeting - this one of two meetings we hold concurrently with the Sleep meeting (the other being the Industry Roundtable meeting). The coordinator's meeting is an opportunity for existing coordinator of support groups in our network to meet and discuss the finer points of running a support group for apnea patients - and to get some support themselves. This year we had the good fortunate of having Colleen Bazzani, RPGST from Methodist Hospital in Minneapolis as our speaker. Thanks Colleen!

This is the third meeting I attend as the ED of the ASAA and it was the best ever. I am getting to know the folks involved and getting known by them. The sleep community, particularly the sleep apnea section, is still small enough that you can know just about everyone involved. More importantly than knowing the participants, is knowing the issues and I am getting a handle on them as well.

I will leave you with an image from the exhibit hall... it is from the booth of a large pharma company promoting their new sleep aid. Yep, that is a woman in a night gown laying in a big letter "o". Incredible.

Travel starts again in August... I will be back before then with updates.

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