June 16, 2006

Sleep 2006 (the medical conference formerly known as APSS)

I am in Salt Lake City (SLC) for the medical conference , that for 20 years now, brings together all, or at least, most of the medical researcher and clinicians in the field of sleep medicine. APSS stands for Associatied Professional Sleep Societies. It is the umbrella organization for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (primarily clinical) and the Sleep Research Society (primarily research). And like most medical conferences there are educational sessions and posters (my favorite), but it is also the occasion for other sleep related organizations to get together as well. While they do not meet at the same time, another group, the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has its annual meeting a couple days before Sleep.

I am in SLC two days early to attend the educational sessions for the dental group. Starting Sunday I will be reporting on the Sleep meeting and related activities.

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