May 17, 2006

Sleep Apnea Awareness Day (SAAD) 2006 - reflections (Part 2)

What I write here truly constitute reflections with the amount that has passed since Sleep Apnea Awareness Day. I had prepared something closer to the event, but through technological ineptness lost it... so, discouraged, I left it for awhile.

March 30th was Sleep Apnea Awareness Day and ostensibly it was "during National Sleep Awareness Week" but we weren't collaborating at the same level with the National Sleep Foundation.

The most frustrating element of the lecture this was, find a speaker. That process took far too long and actually jeporadized the entire event. (Note to self: start looking now - for someone to do it in 2007) Yes, I want every much to have a lecture in 2007, though who will be speaking is another question.

When were not able to secure the first speaker we had identified, I used a connection and was able get the former senior policy advisor to the administrator to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to speak.

I felt we had allowed enough time to get the word out about the event and I made efforts to follow up with the A list invitees. The showing was not as impressive as it might have been. And certainly my marketing of the event to more patients was not as extensive as it might have been.

The lecture was held at the Carnegie Institution, which continues to be the most beautiful place to hold an event like this. The caterering was splendid as it was last year. It would have nice to have a few more - many more people.

Enough good things can not be said for the American College of Chest Physicians - Sleep Institute, our partners in the venture of the lecture. In addition to the much appreciated financial support we receive from them for the expenses of the lecture; their guidance and collaboration on "getting the word out" makes a difference every year. Pictured to the left with is Dr. Charles Atwood who is the Chair of the Sleep Institute. I am grateful for their continuing support and look forward to continuing our association on this important event.

As I think about next year's event - I know the following: choose a speaker early, initial the marketing efforts early and (perhaps most importantly) find a volunteer to take responsiblity for running with it.

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