January 29, 2006

Detroit Day one (part one)

I am respresenting the American Sleep Apnea Association at the Living Heart Foundation Super Bowl XL health screening and education program. The week will be taken up with a series of health screening events and continuing medical education program for local doctors.

Today is the first day and on the agenda is a community health screening that will take place a downtown Detroit YMCA. The expected attendance is 700 to 1000 people. It is raining at this moment so who knows will show up.

My part at the screening will be to distribute our literature on sleep apnea and to answer questions.

My question is - is there someplace in Detroit that provides low cost or no cost sleep studies? Certainly there are free clinics in Detroit... but, what do they know about sleep apnea. Ah, something to do with my free time.

I will back later to let you know how it went.

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