February 06, 2005

Another day another entry

Article still isn't done... God this stuff takes a long time to do. Well it has to be done by Wednesday and emailed to the editor. And so it shall.

I had a dream about my old boss the other day. I was a great dream, I so rarely remember them. I was inspired to give her a call and check in. Felt good to visit by telephone with her. She appreciated the call and felt that my dream was a omen. Hopefully a good omen for her.

I am grateful to her for turning me on to this new life. A life that for so many years was lurking in the background (working as an insurance broker for alot of non-profits in DC). It was the chance I needed to start over, sort of... and this ultimately led to the change in my marital life as well. Perhaps a change that had been waiting a long time as well.

But there comes a time when the student leave the teacher and find their own way. That graduation came with the move to ED of ASAA.

In some respects I was prepared... I had run an office before, sort of. I understood customer service (managing a bunch of clients) And I had learned fundraising or at least I have a good sense of what it is all about... though at point I have not gotten to the grant writing (too much other stuff to do, at the moment anyway).

So far, so good... there is money in the bank, there is a steady flow of new members. Still need to figure out what is the average rate of attrition in a membership organization. I am excited about going to the office each day and look forward to the challenge (like writing this damn article).

Time to hit the rack... and hopefully get up early and bang away at this article, before the sun gets too high. Later

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